Boxing analogy time: Netflix wins round 2

This clever and accurate analysis from backs up what we at have been reporting for the past couple months. The competition over DVD rental market share is a 3 round heavyweight bout, and Netflix has won round 1 and, now, round 2. Competition is easing up from all fronts: Amazon is thinking maybe they won’t push their US rental service after all and Netflix has already weathered the worst of the Blockbuster Online pricing war and emerged victorious. In the next four to six quarters I wager that Netflix will issue the knockout punch to all of its competitors. You can quote me on that.

But, like I said before, nothing lasts forever, so it may be up to a young buck to challenge ‘flix for the title. Then again, maybe competition will just come from an unlikely source. Nobody knows for sure; it’s the fuuuuutuuuure!

Update: Another article from Forbes: Hastings acknolwedges Netflix superiority

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