Survey: Hollywood sucks!

As everyone knows, both revenue and theater attendance are down significantly from last year. There are a lot of reasons being touted as the cause of the box office slump, the quality of the films always at the forefront, sharing the limelight with massive HD home entertainment systems, piracy, the ease of renting on Netflix, the lengthy commercials before each showing, inflated ticket prices, the price of tea in China- you name it. But according to a study by Brandimensions, no, it really is the bad movies, first and foremost.

The study, which probed almost two million blogs and chat rooms, showed that even despite all the annoyances of going to the multiplex and all the other entertainment choices available to us, most people would still be willing to go to the movies if the quality of films were higher.

Even when responders indicated Netflix or other entertainment options as key reasons for avoiding the cinema, they also cited the poor quality of films as reasons why they were driven to other options in the first place.

Of course studios are recognizing this, and making plans for the future. However, short of axing all films currently in production and starting completely fresh, there’s no end in sight to the crapfest that is Hollywood; the fastest that we could possibly see any real change enacted is probably in 4 years time. And, as evidenced by monumental changes in the past year, 4 years is a long time, indeed. Who knows what will have happened by then?

At the same time, if the studios are finally changing their tune (to match an audience that is finally fed up and seeking out better options) then that’s all the better for everyone involved.

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  1. Drew Says:

    I think the reason Hollywood sucks is because of the liberal, politically correct agenda.

    Mark my words, “Brokeback Mountain” will win all categories it was voted for,
    and Felicity Huffman will win best actress for playing a transsexual “Transamerica”. Not because they are good films or great performances, they will win because of the movies subject matter.

    Did anybody see these films? Does anybody care about these films? The average “Joe” doesn’t. This is Hollywood’s way of trying to spoon-feed their agenda to the movie going public, and their doing a poor job at it, I think the ticket sales speak for themselves.

    People want to be entertained not educated in subject matter that doesn’t appeal or people just don’t give a crap about.

    Granted, good film are still being made, but when you look back, 30 or more years, the quality, subject matter and composition of those films where made by true masters of the craft, unlike today.

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